Lindsay Lohan returning to screen with ‘Inconceivable’

23 Jan

For fans of actress Lindsay Lohan, just about anything you read over the past few years would have seemed almost inconceivable, given the beginning of her career for the talented young movie star. But she hopes those headline-making days off the screen are behind her. Now, the term inconceivable is about to become something much more positive.

A happy and healthy-looking Lindsay Lohan came to Sundance to announce her next project, the psychological thriller "Inconceivable".

A happy and healthy-looking Lindsay Lohan came to Sundance to announce her next project, the psychological thriller “Inconceivable”.

Lohan, looking happier and healthier than in recent months, made her first-ever appearance at the Sundance Film Festival this week, announcing that she will star in, and serve as a co-producer, of the new film “Inconceivable,” a psychological thriller to be produced by Randall Emmett for his Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films. It will be distributed by Grindstone/Lionsgate Films.

Lindsay 2Lohan will portray Katie, a young woman on a journey to reclaim something she’s lost. The similarity to her own personal story wasn’t lost on Lohan, who sourced the script.

“I related to the character in a lot of ways,” she said with a smile. “It’s about finding something that’s utterly important to her. I approached Randall because of his incredible resume of work (including “End of Watch,” “Rambo” and “2 Guns”). I was anxious to get this going, and basically asked him, ‘Are you in or are you out?’”

“Lindsay is one of the best young actresses in her generation,” Emmett said, flanking her at the press conference in the Social Film Loft at Sundance. “She found the script and loved it. We’re anxious to get started on casting and finding locations.”

The film will begin shooting in mid-March, in either New Orleans or Atlanta. Lohan flew in from London to make the announcement at the Sundance Film Festival, a big stage for filmmakers from around the world, not to mention entertainment writers.

Lindsay Lohan and producer Randall Emmett

Lindsay Lohan and producer Randall Emmett

“This is very therapeutic for me, throwing myself into every facet of this production,” she said. “I like being involved in something this big.”

She’s hooked her star to an impressive wagon. Emmett/Furla Films has produced 70 movies over the past 15 years, generating $500 million in box office sales. Its latest film, “Lone Survivor,” has topped the ticket sales charts the past two weeks. The company recently wrapped production on “The Prince & Captive” to be released later this year.

“We’ll be announcing more casting news in the next few weeks,” Emmett said. “We’re very excited to be working with Lindsay and producing ‘Inconceivable.’”

–Story and photos by Tom Haraldsen

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