Lexi Ulmer: Writing and singing from the heart

26 Aug

Songwriter Lexi Ulmer could be the next big thing in female pop music.

Songwriter Lexi Ulmer could be the next big thing in female pop music

If you watched the MTV Music Awards on Aug. 25, or have turned on a radio in the past couple of years, you know there’s an ever-growing popular trend in contemporary music—female singer/songwriters telling it like it is to their former boyfriends in ways totally relatable to scores of other young women. Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat have made millions of fans, and millions of dollars, doing just that.

Add another name to the list—that of 18-year-old Californian Lexi Ulmer. Like Taylor and Colbie, she sings on her self-titled debut EP about love found and lost, dreams hoped for but never realized, bonds broken. She hasn’t made a fortune doing it—at least not yet. But again, don’t be surprised if she someday joins that list as well—and shows up to collect an MTV Moonman or two of her own.

And ironically, she says she’s never been in love.

“I’ve always been fascinated with it (being in love), though,” she said during a telephone interview from Southern California, where she was busy packing before heading off to her first year of college. “I’ve written songs since I was about 10, but it all truly began when I was a freshman in high school and had a crush on a senior football star. I started writing songs about trivial things…like his girlfriend. It progressed from there.”
Lexi Album
Her CD features seven songs she penned prior to recording the album last fall. Her opening song, titled appropriately “I’ll Start With This,” sets the tone for a great musical romp through many emotions. “Get Over It” sends a message to an ex to move on, “Think of Me” warns a former beau that he’ll be sorry he let her go, and “The Day I Met You” seems to serve as a launch site for someone meeting that person they fall instantly in love with. The comparisons of her music with that of Swift and Caillat are both flattering and accurate.
Recording the album was a dream come true for Lexi.

“It was the most amazing experience putting it together,” she said. “I got to work in a studio over three months with some fantastic musicians and a great producer.” She sells the CD on iTunes as well as her website (lexiulmer.com), where fans can connect to everything going on in her life.

But music isn’t her only focus. She starts classes this fall at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, where she’s planning to major in public relations with an emphasis in music marketing. She is a young woman very much in control of her life, and her future.

“I loved Flagstaff from the first moment I visited it,” she recalled. “I’m from Lake Arrowhead, and the entire NAU campus is bigger than the town I live in! Plus, it’s in the mountains and surrounded by trees—just like here.”

Writing and singing “are the most amazing forms of therapy in the world,” she said. “That’s exactly how I deal with my emotions. I started writing songs to fit the story of how I am feeling at that moment.” She spends much of her time online, contacting record labels and looking for representation, as well as scheduling performances at small venues or corporate events. Her goal is to get that first recording contract and take the next big step professionally. She knows things take time, and she seems to have the patience necessary to endure.

Oh, and as for that “never been in love thing,” guys—beware. She’s in no hurry for that, either.

“I meet people and become easily infatuated, but never long term,” she said. “I’m too independent—don’t want to have to compromise anything.”

That would seem a pretty good formula for success, something very likely close-at-hand for Lexi Ulmer.

–Tom Haraldsen

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