SHeDAISY: Ready to start blooming again

19 Jul

Kristyn, Kelsi and Kassidy Osborn, SHeDAISY, are back creating and performing the music that made them superstars.

It’s been a while since audiences have been able to enjoy SHeDAISY in concert, or hear songs from them on a new album. But these talented sisters, who’ve had hit after hit on the country and pop music charts since 1999, are back. Armed with a new career plan, new partners and new energy, SHeDAISY is about to begin blooming again.

                Kristyn, Kassidy and Kelsi Osborn are doing their first concert in more than 2-1/2 years in their native state of Utah this Saturday (July 21). It begins a renaissance for the trio that has earned gold albums and numerous awards, performed at sold out concerts and sporting events around the world, including the Grand Ole Opry; and written and recorded songs for music videos and a film soundtrack. They are striking out in a new direction, while at the same time returning to their roots, both literally and figuratively.

                Kristyn, who has established herself as a successful songwriter for both SHeDAISY and other artists, says the group has gone through a number of changes since they left their record label, Lyric Street, just before it folded in April of 2010.

                “We’ve spent the last little while evaluating where we want to go, what we want to do,” she said during a telephone interview from her home in Nashville. “We’re working on new music—I’ve been writing for a few months. Frankly, we’ve been able to work more freely, with fewer boundaries and less restrictions now that we’re truly on our own. It’s been much more inspiring.”

                Like all performers do over time, SHeDAISY felt the need to regroup, to “embark on something we’re really excited about,” Kristyn said. The group has connected with a new team of performers, developing a business plan to move forward, and acknowledging that the entertainment industry has changed greatly since their first album, “The Whole Shebang,” went gold in 1999.

                “The world is a much different place now in getting your music to the public,” she said, referring in part to the proliferation of the Internet and the ability of the public to download. “In some ways, you need to adjust and embrace it; but it’s much more exciting, more freeing, even if it’s a bit terrifying. We’ve had to redirect our efforts, and probably become more of what we should have been doing in the beginning.”

                SHeDAISY released five albums over 10 years—all of them hits, several earning awards and even garnering Grammy nominations. Though there are currently a couple of major developments in the group’s future that Kristyn isn’t free to discuss quite yet, it’s clear from her comments that all three sisters are excited about the future direction of the group.

                “It’s a new process for us—experimenting with music, playing songs together until we find the ones that stick. We’re building our plan in a very organic way, step by step. It’s sort of like building a house—the framework first, then the dry wall, the installation…We’re letting the songs lead us, and not zeroing in on something to try to fit into a mold.”

                That doesn’t mean the classic SHeDAISY sound will disappear. At the Utah concert, as well as others they will be playing in the months ahead, some of SHeDAISY’s all-time favorite hits will be an integral part of their performance.

               “I’m sure there will always be elements in our music of where we’ve been for 20 years,” she said. “We respect that and still appreciate that. But we’ll have new stuff as well that we’re very excited about and energized to perform.”

               If you live in Utah, their performance on Saturday night will be at American Fork High School, starting at 7:30 p.m. (Ticket information at News of the group, including updates on songs and concert performances, can be found on the SHeDAISY website at

 –Tom Haraldsen

One Response to “SHeDAISY: Ready to start blooming again”

  1. pamchris July 19, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    I hadn’t heard of this group before and will definitely search for their music! I love learning of new-to-me groups! Thanks!

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