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What’s On and Beyond?

24 May

So like most of you, we love to learn about the people we see on TV or in films, listen to on our iPods, read about in newspapers and magazines, or whose words we read in books and/or published articles. Call us entertainment zealots, media junkies or anything you like. The fact is that, as journalists ourselves, we’re always curious as to what’s happening around us, and the back stories of those making those things happen. So we’ve created a blog to share with friends and others interested what we’ve learned through interviewing and meeting some of our favorite personalities. Our focus could be on a national celebrity, or a local author or artist. You may have never heard of some of the people, places or subjects we’ll write about, or they might be “household” names. Either way, we’re going to share with you some of the stories of these individuals, groups or organizations–not only when they’re up front (as “on” the air, stage, screen or in print), but also when they’re beyond–off stage, up close, and personal. That’s why we call this On and Beyond. Let us know what you think.


Tom Haraldsen

Chalese Dalton